An employee-centric organizational culture is one of the key attributes that defines ULTS as a cooperative corporate. This unique identity is the bedrock upon which the activities of the company are laid and implemented, including the professional development plans for our work force.

Most of the companies in the Global IT sector is currently up against a global skills crisis that could hold back the economic promise of intelligent technologies. ULTS being a hub of disruptive technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Analytics, IoT, Blockchain, Cybersecurity, and so on is highly prone to this skill crisis. However, the company has a well thought out plan for the professional development of employees to overcome this crisis and to develop a highly competent workforce at par with global standards. We aim to accelerate this through a strategic combination of advanced learning sciences and cutting-edge technical skills.

We understand that investing in our own people is both responsible and cost-effective as we look forward to making a giant leap in an incredibly competitive and rapidly changing business environment.

We have professional development opportunities based on andragogy; the art and science of adult-focused learning approach that develops a sense of ownership in employees for taking up and completing various skill development programs designed by the company. Our approaches give equal weightage to both technical as well as innate human skills, like empathy and critical thinking. This, in turn, develop a sense of direction and awareness for continuous learning among the employees. No training is forced upon the workforce and so the learning outcomes are maximized.

We prefer to train the freshers and develop the necessary skills in line with the business requirements of the company. ULTS through our graduate hiring program takes the initiative to drive the growth of young educated freshers to enter the job and then acquire essential skills to meet the job requirements. More emphasis is given to experience-based skills and practical approaches like on the job learning. This supports and encourages more personalized lifelong learning among the ULTS workforce and makes them industry ready, and adaptive to any changing business requirements in their immediate and far future, be it professional or personal skills.

Employees take ownership of the business of the organization and make themselves relevant in the organization through proper skilling, upskilling, and reskilling promptly. We are delighted to witness how this experiential learning can be a catalyst for addressing the skills challenge of the organization. ULTS takes pride in this employee-driven learning culture where they feel valued and acts as the backbone of the organization in every step that we take forward in this successful journey.