Last year we built our capabilities – a solid foundation for delivery. For all of us in ULTS, this is the year of Perfect Delivery.

Perfect Delivery is all about delighting our clients and helping them delight their end customers through the creation of value and rich user experience. Our role then is to thoroughly understand our client’s business and use disruptive technologies, products and services and set them up for success.

We do this by

a) Putting our clients and their needs first and seeking to understand the end-user perspective.
b) Winning their trust through on-time, reliable and quality delivery.
c) Striving for excellence in whatever we do.
d) Sharpening our skills continuously by learning what is most relevant.
e) Collaborating with colleagues, clients and partners to build the best solution.
f) Taking personal accountability of success and failure of our delivery.

According to Taguchi, bad quality causes loss to society. A defect in a train monitoring system can cause accidents and loss of life. Similarly, contracts not well written, Projects not well solutioned/managed, Staffing requests not fulfilled timely or opportunities lost by not training oneself in relevant skills and failing to innovate can cause projects to fail. Most, if not all, of our contracts, are Fixed Price Contracts.

We get paid on acceptance of our deliverables assigned to payment milestones. Bad quality causes rework impaired productivity, delays in delivery, an increase in costs and reduced profitability.

I urge everybody to imbibe the above principles and join me for a year that will set a new benchmark of delivery excellence for us to our stakeholders. Let’s together make 2020 the Year of Perfect Delivery!