ULTS has the capability to provide a holistic digital risk management approach to prevent and protect organisations from cyber threats.

We help to diagnose your digital stack and the complex digital environment across computing, network and endpoints and provide comprehensive, adaptive and collaborative security solutions to your cybersecurity concerns.

Managed Security Pack

  • Designed to provide basic security coverage and suitable for organisations with a high-risk appetite
  • Designed to provide advanced security coverage and suitable for organisations with moderate-risk appetite
  • Designed to provide assured security coverage and suitable for organisations with low-risk appetite.

Information Security Posture Evaluation

Cyber attacks are on the rise and data breaches are affecting companies very badly. We will help you to develop the path to enhance your security posture to protect Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of sensitive data and systems.

The holistic approach starts with an accurate overview of the risk landscape
  • Compliance Audit - ISO 27001, PCI, HiPAA, RBI Cyber Security guidelines
  • Identify top risks, risk appetite and assess controls and vulnerabilities.
  • Analyse and evaluate the identified risks.
  • Treatment - Mitigation of the vulnerabilities and exploits

Cyber Attack Simulation: VA & PT

The vulnerabilities and the security gaps will be assessed for both Network and applications by carrying out a Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing, VA PT.

This will help to evaluate the application and/or network security levels based on the defined objective of the test.

VA: Vulnerability Assessment is the evaluation or discovery of threats and vulnerabilities that can be exploited with malicious intent.

PT: Penetration Testing is the process of exploiting the vulnerabilities with the permission of the system owner to evaluate security posture.

Educating the weakest links

We provide awareness sessions for Senior management & Governance team, Non-IT team and IT / Network Engineers

Cyber Forensics

Cyber Forensic Services team of ULTS will investigate, collect evidence,  analyse and preserve evidence in a way that is suitable for presentation in a court of law.