At ULTS, we build the infrastructure with all the components, provide technical support to the clients and maintain the already existing infrastructure. Everything including servicing requests, resolving incidents, applying patches and upgrades and recovering from crashes come under maintenance.

Continuous monitoring and updating

We specialise in making varied infrastructures work in tandem while following internationally-accepted norms, standards and guidelines to complete a task/process.

Minimum human intervention

Our infrastructure management consulting mantra is that data centres, storage farms, servers, networks, and other infrastructure layers should be able to manage themselves on their own, or require minimal human intervention. That said, as an Infrastructure as a Service provider known for our IT infrastructure management consulting and services, we place equal importance on continuously monitoring, updating, patching, servicing and managing infrastructure at an optimal cost.

Unique Security Needs

Since the world of video surveillance technology is growing and changing every day, our focus is also on surveillance solutions from HD and megapixel resolution to wireless systems. This gives you the option to build flexible and custom surveillance systems designed for your site’s unique security needs.

Varied camera options 

Camera options include outdoor and vandal-proof housings to protect cameras, night vision or thermal cameras for recording at night, and PTZ cameras to monitor large areas. In addition, you have many software options to record, monitor, and analyze your surveillance videos so you can stay on top of any accidents, thefts, or suspicious activity.

State-of-the-art Data centre solutions

We also specialise in building state-of-the-art Data centre solutions i.e., products and services needed to create and maintain a data centre. Products include IT equipment, like servers, routers, storage systems, and firewalls, as well as supporting infrastructure for the physical data centre, like cooling systems, batteries, generators and cabling.