Uralungal Labour Contract Co-operative Society (ULCCS), the parent organisation of many branches including the ULTS, has a unique history to share. Formed in 1925 as a cooperative society by the labourers, to cater to the needs of the lower class in northern Kerala, today, it is one of the largest workers’ cooperatives in Asia as well as one of the most trusted brands for completing projects on time, promising quality delivery.

Formed as Uralungal Kooli Velakkarude Paraspara Sahaya Sangham (the literal meaning of ULCCS in its mother tongue Malayalam), the primary objective was to create jobs for the downtrodden and improve the quality of their life. Even today, the Society follows that path and create jobs in every important field including the IT.

Today, ULCCS has created a name for itself in Kerala’s conscience. After nine decades of its formation, in the state, it is the first choice for construction and infrastructure development for government and non-governmental organisations.

In fact, the ULCCS has grown to be called a Total Solution Provider (TSP) in the construction sector for Kerala State government departments like Finance, Cooperation Departments, Local Self Government Department, Labour Department, Department of Information Technology and Tourism Department.

The UL network is branching out to new realms and growing stronger, addressing the career concerns of changing generations. From the construction business, it has diversified into information technology through ULTS and state-of-the-art cyber park, education through UL Education, philanthropy wing through UL Foundation, Tourism through Sargaalaya Arts & Craft Village and Vellar Craft village and finally into housing solutions through UL Housing.